Residential Turf Laying Gold Coast

turf laying gold coast

Make Your Space Look Fresh & New!

Make your residential backyard or front yard lawn look fresh, green, and new! Here at Complete Grass we will provide the ultimate one stop shop for all of your new lawn needs. 

As a leading turf laying company on the Gold Coast we don’t just lay the turf and call it a day! In fact, we will provide you with your land preparation.

1. Turf Preparation

Our preparation includes removal of old grass. We will first kill any old grass to ensure there is no risk of it returning and damaging your new lawn. From here, once the lawn is dead, our landscapers will completely remove it. We will then work through leveling the land.

Once your old lawn has been removed, delivery of quality soil suited to your chosen grass variety will be spread across the space. We use only the best under turf soil Gold Coast has on offer! This is the most important part given that topsoil is the most outer layer of soil and will be the connection to your turf and maintaining the health of your new lawns roots to establish.

When it comes to apply the topsoil, we are quite meticulous! After all, we want to ensure the best levels are achieved so you can enjoy a level turfed area.

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2. Irrigation

If you have chosen irrigation as part of your new lawn, our team will install, engaging our preferred licensed plumbers to complete the fit of to water mains or existing tap fitting.

As part of our quoting service will walk you through all of the different irrigation systems available on the market to help you save time in watering your new lawn!

3. Turf Laying Service Gold Coast

Once the topsoil dressing is applied and levelled, along with any irrigation installation, our team will work through the turf installation. This is the most exciting part for Gold Coast homeowners when they finally get to see the finished result!

Our team will spread fertiliser and water retaining elements over the base to give your lawn a good start and help hold moisture under the turf. With Complete Grass you can rest easy knowing that quality and attention to detail is at the forefront. We lay each piece individually ensuring tight laying around edges and corners and a straight finish!

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We stock most ranges of turf available on the Gold Coast market. For an obligation free consultation and quote, please get in touch with our team today.

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