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Are your lawn’s days numbered? Is it looking thinner than ever before, like it really needs to be replaced? Well, you’ve found the best turf installation company Gold Coast has for you. Our landscapers will use machinery to repair, replace and build a many new lawns across the Gold Coast. We provide the best under turf soil Gold Coast has on offer! And we prepare your land so it’s level and there are suitable drainage points for your brand-new lawn.

Our Turf Preparation Service

It’s important that before laying any turf, not only is the current grass and weed eradicated, but the right amount of effort is put into the soil before laying. We recommend applying at least 100mm of fresh under turf soil your new lawn.

Our under turf soil preparation service included removing any dead grass and laying only premium blended soil. Having premium blended soil with the right water retaining elements will ensure the best success. After all, your turf when delivered is generally freshly cut, and this process can cause stress to the lawn particularly after it’s installed. Therefore, it’s important the topsoil is done right and provides adequate converge to promote and maintain healthy growth.

Applying Under Turf Soil

When applying the topsoil, we will level it off to maintain a straight and even lawn when the turf is applied.

Steps to preparing for a new lawn

  1. When preparing a new lawn, you should first spray all weeds and old grass with Roundup or a similar herbicide about two weeks prior to any removal and application of new soil.
  2. You will need to have the area excavated if the ground is too hard, compacted or too high against pathways. If you have bumpy ground then our machinery will level the ground to ensure your lawn looks great against your garden beds, house, or business.
  3. Once the ground has been excavated for preparation of your lawn this is when the topsoil will need to be applied. The step of spreading soil is especially important if you have compacted or hard clay like ground as it will ensure the new turf / grass roots can bond easily (maintaining at least 100mm of new soil). Our machinery will help you lay topsoil efficiently and evenly, which is great for large areas.
  4. Time to lay the turf!

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