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Lawn Care in Spring: Top Watering & Grass Care Tips

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Spring is when your lawn comes out of dormancy and needs your attention to ensure every bit of success leading into the warmer months. There are many things to consider when trying to improve the health of your lawn. But, one of the most important things is watering.

To have a healthy lawn, it is important that the soil has adequate water, more so in the warmer months. In some cases, homeowners might need to water their lawns multiple times per week just to keep the soil moistened. Watering your lawn will keep it from dying off which in turn will encourage weeds to grow, and insects to take hold, making an expensive exercise to repair.

Watering Tips

Watering your yard can be a daunting task, so here are some tips on how to water your lawn correctly:

  • Pay attention to the weather forecast and only water on days when it is raining or when there is a forecast for rain in the next 48 hours.
  • If you have a vegetable garden on your property, don’t use well water for watering because you could inadvertently irrigate vegetables with dangerous chemicals. Instead, use tap water for irrigation purposes.
  • Consider installing irrigation systems or purchasing a cost effective automatic sprinkler system to save time and money. All whilst keeping your lawn looking amazing!

Keeping the water up, but not overwatering will ensure every bit of success.

Spring Tips

Spring is the time your lawn comes out of dormancy and requires specific attention to ensure every bit of growth success for the warmer months!

Weed and feed

As your lawn comes out of dormancy in Spring, give your lawn a good feed with some lawn fertilizer specific for your lawn. Products like Seasol will do the trick in most cases! In addition, you need to remove any weeds. You can also use a combined weed and feed specific to your lawn type.

Top soil

Applying top soil to your lawn will not only boost the height of your lawn, but improve drainage and increase resistance to insects and bugs. A nice top soil at the start of spring will also help to retain the nutrients your lawn needs.

Regular mowing

Come spring your lawn will start to grow quicker. Continue to mow it, but not too low, You want to protect the photosynthesis process so there is enough leaf to capture sunlight, whilst also providing an element of shade to keep the ground wetter for longer after watering. You’ll have a healthier stronger lawn!

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